More About Sherrie

Sherrie’s favorite part of her job is being able to see the results of an experiment and interpreting the results. She also likes being able to perform hands-on work and experience science rather than just reading about it. Sherrie enjoys exploring the environment of a research lab and seeing everyone work as a team to accomplish various projects and tasks.

Sherrie first became interested in microbiology by watching random microbe videos on YouTube. Her favorite YouTube channel to watch is Journey to the Microcosmos featuring Hank Green. She pursued her interests by joining the Kalan Lab because she was interested in the skin microbiome, especially since she was personally interested in the microbiology behind her own skin battles.  

Sherrie’s advice to her younger self: 

“I’d tell my younger self to be less afraid to be true to myself and pursue my genuine interests. I was too worried about how others viewed me, but now I’m working on being the best version of myself for me”. 

What Sherrie would bring to a deserted island: 

  1. Journal and pen to write a cool book about her life on the island 
  2. Water filter to stay hydrated
  3. First aid kit to treat injuries 

When Sherrie is not in the lab, her favorite things to do are going to the gym to stay healthy and lifting to build her strength and power as well as going for walks and hikes around Madison. In her free time, she also likes to learn new things from articles, books, and online videos, on top of journaling and getting boba from Sencha and Le C’s on State Street. Her favorite boba tea is anything that’s fruity!