More About Rauf

Rauf’s favorite part of the job is having great coworkers which creates a great environment for discussions and different directions for projects. He wanted to work in the Kalan Lab due to his interest in microbial ecology which the skin microbiome has historically served as a great model for studying. An added bonus for his decision was being located in MSB, putting him in close proximity to the Microcafe and their chicken bites! 

Rauf’s interest in microbiology goes back to the first release of the human microbiome project when he was an undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz, which recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary. The study and his later work experiences as a microbial informatician solidified his interest in further studying the impact of microbes on human and environmental health. 

Advice from Rauf: 

“Appreciate the courses you’re taking at the moment, and make sure you understand the fundamentals of subjects which will be critical as you aim to learn more complex topics down the line to apply to your research. Try to extend your understanding of the material past memorization and have fun with it!”

What Rauf would bring to a deserted island: 

  1. A cell phone to call someone to get him off the island
  2. A superyacht
  3. Wilson ball for emotional support and to pass by time until help arrives 

When Rauf is not working in the lab, he likes to go hiking, explore different restaurants, and keep up with his favorite sports teams soccer and the NBA. His favorite teams include Manchester United and the Golden State Warriors.