More About Liz

Liz is currently completing her M.D/Ph.D. program. Her favorite part is having the ability to fill a translational role, where she can bridge projects and connect people in the fields of medicine and scientific research. 

Liz’s interest in microbiology rose during her post-baccalaureate fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, where she studied the liver’s immune responses to hepatitis viruses. The liver is a huge immune organ that filters blood, nutrients, and microbial products from the gut before they reach systemic circulation. As liver disease progresses its ability to filter out microbial pathogens declines. Her side project explored how liver disease progression altered the translocation of microbes from the gut into systemic circulation. Her interest in human microbiology took off from there. 

Liz’s advice to her younger self and to others: 

“Remember to take the time to explore and figure out who you are before making big life changes. A lot of people feel like they need to make decisions right away. It’s OK to take time to explore your interests through hobbies, random courses, internships, or chatting with others about their path. Also, take every opportunity to connect with others”. 

What Liz would bring to a deserted island: 

  1. Water filtration system/iodine tablets to make fresh water 
  2. Fishing net to catch food
  3. A blanket to get comfortable and stay cozy

When Liz is not working in the lab she tries to get outdoors and go running, biking or hiking. It’s very easy to walk around Madison and find trails, woods, or bodies of water to explore. Liz also likes to cook, try new cuisines and even recreate recipes from favorite places. She also loves getting together with friends to catch up and chat.