More About Karinda

Karinda’s favorite part of her job is being able to explore post-graduation options and learning more about the career options she can pursue with a degree in microbiology while working with a great lab!

Karinda first became interested in microbiology when she extracted DNA from E.coli and performed gel electrophoresis in a microbiology lab in high school. She quickly became interested in the process and subject and realized there was much more to learn about microbiology in college so she pursued her interest by majoring in microbiology.

Karinda’s advice to her younger self: 

“Be confident in all of the decisions that you choose to make even if it may be different from the decision that others around you are making.” 

What Karinda would bring to a deserted island: 

  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson provides protection from animals and keeps her entertained 
  2. Her animal crossing character knows a lot of recipes and built a whole island from top to bottom with only a couple of sticks and rocks. She can also stuff 20 items in her pockets from big sharks to small shells. 
  3. Yacht to relax and sleep in

Karinda’s favorite things to do outside of working in the lab are going to the gym to lift weights and running to get active. Although she enjoys working out, she also loves to cook, her favorite dish to make every week is penne arrabbiata. Karinda likes to travel whenever she can, she really enjoyed traveling to Switzerland. She enjoyed the lifestyle there and the scenic views of the city and surrounding mountains.