More About Lynda

Lynda’s favorite part of her job is being able to work with everyone in the lab, she finds everyone so intelligent and unique adding a different characteristic to the team. She also finds it exciting to work and learn more about microbes!

Lynda first interest in microbiology stems from high school when she took her first microbiology class. She is currently continuing to explore those interests in the skin microbiome as an undergraduate student, as she would like to pursue a career in the Dermatology field. 

Lynda’s advice to her younger self:

“Everything happens for a reason so stay positive and don’t stress about it too much. When a door closes, leave it closed, although you may not see it, there may be another open one just around the corner.”

If Lynda were stranded on a deserted island, she would bring:

  1. Her Comfy to get comfortable since she could be stranded for a while, so why not become an island potato?
  2. Keboon the bear to keep her company while time goes by
  3. Lip balm to prevent chapped lips

Lynda’s LOVES food, so her favorite thing to do outside of the lab is to explore different restaurants around Madison. Her favorite restaurant in Madison so far is RED sushi near the capital. She also likes to destress through retail therapy and take long naps when she has free time.